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Born: Exford, Somerset, 1925
Exford, Molland
Recording made: 2001
Length of recording: 2 hrs 49 mins

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It is said that Dick Lloyd knows every farm and gateway on Exmoor; a knowledge built up through a lifetime of hunting. He had four years as Secretary to the Devon and Somerset Staghounds and 35 years managing Honeymead estate for Sir Bernard Waley-Cohen. He holds a collection of DSSH diaries and can look up any hunt day over the last 110 years.

His parents bought a farm at Exford at the end of World War 1 and Dick and his twin brother spent their holidays out on their ponies with the Quarme Harriers, or rabbiting with their mother.  Meanwhile his father, who had lost an arm in the war, went rough shooting with Fred Beadle, also with only one arm.

He helped organise the 'Crowcombe Meet' in 1969, when 330 horses and thousands of people met on the Quantocks to protest against a proposed ban on staghunting. He says he's been considering organising a 1000 horse meet; he thinks he could raise 1000 horses.