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There is a wide selection of resources on the internet to help with research into regiments, conflicts and army personnel.  Here is a selection.

The National Archives (Formerly the Public Record Office) (

The National Archives holds the archives produced by central government, this includes the papers of the War Office and thus army and military records. Records are normally kept together according to their creating department, thus all War Office records are under reference code WO. Within this series each class of records is given a number, for example War Diaries from the Great War are WO 95. The records held by the National Archives include service records for both Officers and other ranks, 1660-1920, along with some records of the militia, yeomanry, volunteers and prisoners of war and records of awards and courts martial. There are also official reports such as War Diaries and casualty returns. The National Archives has a very comprehensive guide to their holdings in the leaflet guides on their website. [back to top]

Somerset Military Museum (

The website of the Somerset Military Museum, The Castle, Taunton (currently being refurnished as part of the Museum of Somerset, and due to reopen in Spring 2011). This site contains details and histories on the Somerset Light Infantry, the Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry, the West Somerset Yeomanry, the North Somerset Yeomanry, Somerset Militia, Rifle Volunteers and territorials and the Light Infantry. Also contains an overview of their collections, a guide to research, an extensive reading list on the counties regiment and an online shop. [back to top]

The National Army Museum, Chelsea (

The website for the only British museum to tell the story of the British Army from Agincourt to peace-keeping during the 20th century. This site chronicles the campaigns and battles of the last 500 years and is thus invaluable in tracing the role of the British Army in any given conflict as it provides written histories for many conflicts, including the Afghan wars, the Zulu War and post war conflicts. Also included on this site is a guide to researching members of the British Army, both past and present along with a guide to the British Army of today. [back to top]

The Imperial War Museum (

The Imperial War Museum charts the history of the British Army since 1914 and contains a vast collection of documents, photographs, objects, art, film and sound recordings relating to conflict during the 20th century. The Imperial War Museum is best used for research into campaigns although the website does contain an online catalogue for their documents, film and sound collections. [back to top]

The Army Museums Ogilby Trust  (

The Army Museums Ogilby Trust supports the development and maintenance of museums in the United Kingdom, which display the collections and archives of regiment of the British Army. Their website contains an in-depth guide to the tracing of army ancestors, along with useful addresses for further research. The site also contains a searchable database of regimental museums, listed by both regiment and region. A useful aspect of this site is their searchable database of books, whereby you can search for a particular regiment and a specific type of book, such as a history or journal. [back to top]

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is responsible for maintaining the records which relate to all Commonwealth soldiers on active service who died during the two World Wars, along with the maintenance of their graves and military cemeteries. The website contains a searchable database of casualties, which allows you to search for an individual and provides details on their death and grave site. [back to top]

The British Army (

The website of the British Army today, containing information on the structure of the army, it units and operations, heritage and ceremony. It also contains a list of regimental museums. [back to top]

The Ministry of Defence (

Contains details on how to obtain army service records for next of kin, they also hold information on the graves and deaths of soldiers who died outside the dates covered by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. [back to top] (

A useful website devoted to land forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth. It contains detailed information on both regiments and conflicts and is thus useful for background research.  Also contains lists of useful reading and links to other related sites. [back to top]

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