Somerset County Council

County Council


55 elected members

Main Purpose

The full County Council has four scheduled public meetings each year. Its main purpose is to agree a budget and policy framework within which the Leader of Council and his Cabinet operate and council services are provided.


Below are some of the specific functions of the County Council - a full list and further details can be found in Somerset County Council's Constitution.

  • Determining the policy framework for the Council
  • Approval of the Council's budget and Council Tax requirement
  • Appointing the Leader of Council and Committees/Sub-Committees of the Council and appointing members with special responsibilities
  • Approving the Council's Constitution and meetings calendar
  • The appointment of the Chief Executive
  • A range of other functions, which by law, cannot be the responsibility of the Executive, e.g. regulatory

For enquiries about County Council services contact Somerset Direct 0845 345 9166

For enquiries about Council meetings

Lead Officers:Julian Gale, Group Manager, Community Governance Group
Honor Clarke, Monitoring Officer, Legal Services
Administrative support:Michael Bryant
Community Governance
County Hall
01823 357162 or 357628

Meeting dates

13/05/2015 at 10:00
15/07/2015 at 10:00
18/11/2015 at 10:00

Our members

Name Role Party
BAILEY, John Opposition Group Spokesman - Highways & Transport Liberal Democrat
BAKER, Justine Liberal Democrat
BOWN, Ann Conservative
BROWN, Richard Cabinet Support Member Conservative
BURRIDGE-CLAYTON, Peter Cabinet Support Member Conservative
COLES, Simon Opp. Grp. - Business, Inward Investment & Policy Liberal Democrat
CRABB, Samuel Opposition Group Spokesman - Resources Liberal Democrat
DAVIES, Hugh Independent
DENBEE, John Vice-Chairman Conservative
DIMMICK, Alan Group Leader UK Independence Party
DYKE, John Liberal Democrat
EDNEY, John Conservative
FOTHERGILL, David Chairman Conservative
FYSH, Marcus Conservative
GLOAK MBE, Alan Liberal Democrat
GORDON, Claire Opposition Group Spokesman - Adult Social Care Liberal Democrat
GREENE, David Opposition Group Spokesman - HR & Transformation Liberal Democrat
GROSKOP, Anna Conservative
HALL, David Deputy Leader of Council Conservative
HAM, Philip Cabinet Support Member Conservative
HEALEY, Mark Conservative
HENLEY, Ross Deputy Opposition Leader Liberal Democrat
HILL, Dawn Conservative
HORSFALL, Alvin Liberal Democrat
HUNT, James Cabinet Support Member Conservative
HUXTABLE, David Conservative
LAWRENCE, Christine Conservative
LE HARDY, Christopher Conservative
LEWIS, Michael Conservative
LOCK, Anthony Liberal Democrat
LOCK, Jane Opposition Leader Liberal Democrat
LOVERIDGE, David Labour
NAPPER, Terry Conservative
NICHOLSON, Frances Conservative
NOEL, Graham Cabinet Support Member Conservative
OSMAN, John Leader of Council Conservative
PARHAM, John Conservative
PEARSON, Nigel Independent
PRIOR-SANKEY, Hazel Opposition Group Spokesman - Children & Families Liberal Democrat
REDMAN, Leigh Group Leader Labour
RIGBY, Mike Group Leader Independent
RUDDLE, Dean Cabinet Support Member Conservative
SHORTLAND OBE, Jill Liberal Democrat
SIGGS, Harvey Conservative
TANSWELL, Derek Liberal Democrat
VENNER, Terry UK Independence Party
VIJEH, Linda Cabinet Support Member Conservative
WALLACE, William Conservative
WEDDERKOPP, Daniel Liberal Democrat
WEDDERKOPP, Alan Liberal Democrat
WOODMAN, John Conservative
WOOLLCOMBE-ADAMS, Nigel Conservative
YEOMANS, Derek Conservative

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