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2013 Election Results


Glastonbury & Street Division Please note that this Division has two councillors representing one Division

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Here are the candidates and election results for the electoral division of Frome North

  Candidate Party Votes  
UK Independence Party MAY 2013 ELECTION - HOWARD, Martin Alan UK Independence Party 455
Conservative MAY 2013 ELECTION - JOHN, Peter Francis Conservative 1002
Liberal Democrat MAY 2013 ELECTION - PHRIPP, Sam Robin Liberal Democrat 1047
Labour MAY 2013 ELECTION - RICHARDSON, Catherine Labour 302
Independent *SEPTEMBER 2014* - DOBINSON, Adrian Independent
Liberal Democrat *SEPTEMBER 2014* - HOOTON, Damon John Liberal Democrat
Conservative *SEPTEMBER 2014* - OLIVER, Linda Conservative
Labour *SEPTEMBER 2014* - RICHARDSON, Catherine Labour
Green Party *SEPTEMBER 2014* - SPALDING, Les Green Party